Mystery, Noir, Distopian, and More

 Book Previews 

 THE 9TH CIRCLE: “Just Joel” Mercer, a middle-agedP.I., gets more than he bargained for when he’s hired by Remington Wolcott to investigate one of San Diego’s wealthiest movers and shakers. With the help of his gay son’s lover, Jimmy, he might solve the gruesome murder of Carmena Saavedra too, and prove he’s not just a flaky hotel security guard.  

TALES FROM THE GERMAN MIND: A mystery solved in six short stories that bring together an odd assortment of people who have suffered loss, violence,and the pain of the unanswered questions: Why me? Who is the vigilante dishing out justice to child molesters? Just how much stress can a man endure before he decides between the death business and the life business? Magical realism and scripts abound.   

OLD NEWS: Piper Hampton visits an old newspaper building designated for destruction, turn the corner and finds herself in 1937. Everything she knew, or doesn’t know, about history is revealed as she steers a dangerous course through the German-American Bund, Naval Intelligence, and friendships that bring the most unexpected of all: love.

Paint the Town Dead:As a Marine sniper in WWII, Parker Hunt killed people every day in the junglesof the South Pacific islands, but how can he translate that skill into successin America’s new economic jungle? The Cold War has begun in earnest and so hasthe spy industry as San Diego’s aerospace factories converted from war planesto commercial airliners, so maybe Parker’s dream girl is as much of a killer ashe is. Only she works for the other side.

RAPHAEL REDCLOAK GUARDIAN OF THE ARTS:  Raphael Sanzio Urbino, a Messenger in the Spirit World, is assigned to pin the dreams of young Bram Stoker. An encounter with Death, however, brings him into contact with archetypes and demi-gods, artists, writers and philosophers who delve into the life and loves of the living with astounding consequences. Greater love than this no man has, that he gives up his life for a friend. But would he be willing to give up his death?  

KILL THE BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS: Construction mogul Montgomery and lawyer Ashton St. John have it all: youth, looks, and money. So why are theyhated and persecuted by the government? Maybe it’s because when they indulge their passions they have the resources to evade consequences. To Montgomery,especially, life is a game of acquisition and sexual escapades; only Ashton knows how deadly the game can become when Slaughter Youngblood, a throwback to more genteel days, refuses to sell his island. (WARNING!Some mature content)

HELMUT WOLF THE GOOD ENGINEER:  What if the the great edifices of 2018 years of Western Civilization lay in ruin, and terrorism has gone nuclear? It would take  a strong force to restore order and safety in a dangerous, chaotic world. It would take good engineer; it would take a man pulled from the ashes of terrorism: Helmut Wolf. But is the price for the end to hell too great to pay?

WANTED ONES: PUBLISHED STORIES OF 2012-2018 VOLS. 1-7: Year by year compilations of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, interviews, essays and creative non-fiction both in print and on-line.


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